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Staff Profiles

Hywel Thomas

Professor Hywel Thomas, Director

Professor Thomas is also a Professor of Civil Engineering, the Director of the Geoenvironmental Research Centre (GRC) at the University and a UNESCO Professor in the Development of a Sustainable Geoenvironment.  His research interests cover a wide range of geoenvironmental issues, from coupled multiphysics/geochemistry flow problems in soils and rocks,  through to sustainability issues in general. A major focus of his work is the geological disposal of high level nuclear waste. Current interests include the geoenergy field, with major projects on ground source heat, underground coal gasification, exploitation of unconventional gas and carbon sequestration in coal seams.

Academic Staff

Academic Staff
Dr Peter Cleall Member since the beginning
Dr Michael Harbottle Member since 2006–09–17
Dr Snehasis Tripathy Member since 2006–12–01
Dr Devin Sapsford Member since 2009–09–01

Research Staff

Research Staff
Dr Aleksandra Koj Member since 2004–01–06
Dr Majid Sedighi Member since 2007–10–01
Dr Ramakrishna Bag Member since 2008–01–02
Dr Jamie Lewis Member since 2010–09–01
Ms Eleni Konstantinou Member since 2010–09–01
Dr Manju Member since 2010–11–01
Dr Vasilis Sarhosis Member since 2013–04–15
Dr Sivachidambaram Sadasivam Member since 2013–04–22
Dr Shakil Masum Member since 2013–05–01
Miss Sanjana Bushra Member since 2013–08–01
Dr Richard Sandford Member since 2013–08–01
Mr Renato Zagorscak Member since 2013–08–01
Dr Aled Davies Member since 2013–10–01

Administrative Staff

Academic Staff
Mr Anthony James Member since 2009–09–01


Mr Haijiang Xie Member since 2012–06–01
Mr Alejandro Lopez Member since 2013–08–01

Research Student

Research Student
Mr Hesham Elgabu Member since 2008–07–01
Mrs Mojgan Hadi Mosleh Member since 2009–08–01
Miss Kristina Penman Member since 2009–09–01
Miss Claire Bennett Member since 2009–10–01
Mr Danothy Bennett Member since 2010–01–01
Mr Lee Hosking Member since 2010–07–01
Mr Ben Hepburn Member since 2010–10–01
Mr Khalid Ahmed Member since 2011–01–01
Mr David Emanuel Member since 2011–02–01
Mr Irfan Muhammad Member since 2011–07–01
Mr Alex Sutton Member since 2011–10–03
Mr Kai Shang Member since 2011–12–01
Miss Katherine Page Member since 2012–04–02
Mr Daniel Herbert Member since 2012–04–02
Mr Jose Javier Munoz Criollo Member since 2012–08–01
Miss Paris Alshiblawi Member since 2012–10–01
Mr Panagiotis Stratos Member since 2012–10–01
Mr Saad Hasan Mohammed Ali Mulahasan Member since 2012–11–01
Mr Sunday Oniosun Member since 2013–03–01
Mr Ziad Abdelsalam Milad Member since 2013–03–04
Mr Ademola Agunbiade Member since 2013–05–01
Miss Kay Florence Member since 2013–06–03
Mr Martins Pilegis Member since 2013–08–01
Mr Brubeck Freeman Member since 2013–08–01
Mr Ahmed Mugwar Member since 2013–09–02
Mr Hassanein Jawad Mortada Mobarek