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Past Cardiff Winners

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2009 - The Violence and Society Research Group

The Violence and Society Research Group started with one young surgeon's desire to reduce violent assault injuries. Over the past decade, its research has helped bring about practical action at the local, national and international level. The Group was a winner of one of the Queen's Anniversary Prizes for Higher and Further Education in 2009 – the fourth won by Cardiff University members.

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2007 - Institute of Medical Genetics

Professor Julian Sampson

The University’s Institute of Medical Genetics, based in the University’s School of Medicine, has transformed healthcare in several inherited diseases, and has a long history of outstanding research and international collaborations.

Set up in 1987 the Institute won the 2007 Queen’s Anniversary Prize for work identifying genetic causes of diseases and developing new diagnostic tests and treatments for them, bringing benefits for patients and their families.

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2000 - Manufacturing Engineering Centre

Professor Duc Pham

Based in the School of Engineering, the Manufacturing Engineering Centre was established in 1996, winning the 2000 Queen’s Anniversary Prize in recognition of its contribution to the economy.

Specifically, the Prize was awarded for the Centre’s innovative approach to creating an exceptional programme of support for firms using its research expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and practical technology transfer.

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1998 - Professor Tony Campbell, School of Medicine

Professor Tony Campbell

Professor Tony Campbell has been a pioneer in the exploitation of chemi- and bio-luminescence for over 35 years.

His pioneering use of chemiluminescence in clinical settings has revolutionised biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, transforming the field and leading to improvements in healthcare around the world. It was for this breakthrough that he won the 1998 Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

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