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1998 - Professor Tony Campbell, School of Medicine

Professor Tony Campbell

Professor Tony Campbell

Professor Tony Campbell has been a pioneer in the exploitation of chemi- and bio-luminescence for over 35 years.

His pioneering use of chemiluminescence in clinical settings has revolutionised biomedical research and clinical diagnosis, transforming the field and leading to improvements in healthcare around the world. It was for this breakthrough that he won the 1998 Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

The ‘chemiluminescence phenomenon’ is where chemicals emit light during reactions. The discovery of its power has led to faster and more accurate tests for allergies, anaemia, cancer and HIV, and is now being used in more than 100 million clinical tests per year. The present worldwide use of labelled antibody assays based on chemiluminescence is further testimony to the significance of Professor Campbell and colleagues’ work.

As well as receiving the Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education in 1998, Professor Campbell was also selected by Universities UK in their Eureka project as one of the 100 most important inventions from UK Universities in the past 50 years.