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Assistance offered by PURCH

Information for Grant Applicants

Advice & Support available from the Purchasing Section

Assisting you during the Grant Application process:

We are happy to provide advice & support on the evaluation & selection process of suppliers/sub-contractors in advance of a grant application, so that researchers will be fully briefed on the processes and time-scales that will apply to a procurement exercise if a grant award is made.  

In the first instance, please telephone 029 208 7 4402 for specific advice tailored to your requirements.

Advice & Support:

We offer advice & support on:

  • Compliance with the University’s financial procedures in general and, where appropriate, the European Union (EU) procurement directives
  • Identifying appropriate companies from whom quotations or tenders may be sought;
  • How to tender requirements valued at £30,000 or over;
  • Identification of all relevant life-cycle costs to ensure that relevant budgets are maximised;
  • Relevant VAT zero-rating eligibility, HM Customs & Excise procedures;
  • Ensuring that unfavourable, or onerous, conditions of contract are avoided in order to protect the University’s interests.


Tendering and Quotation Thresholds


These limits apply to any contracts, including those with other public sector bodies (eg Universities) or sub-contractors.

 An information pack on Tendering may be downloaded via:


Don’t worry, whether you need to seek quotations or carry out a full EU procedure, a member of the Purchasing team will be happy to assist you.


Buyer's Guide

Amongst other sources of reference, our Central universities Procurement Information Database (CuPID) lists suppliers of commonly purchased goods and services, including scientific equipment and laboratory consumables (e.g. chemicals, reagents).  If you can’t find a suitable supplier for your requirements, or need to increase the competition to satisfy the minimum of 3 quotations/tenders where possible, please contact the Purchasing Section for advice.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Purchasing Section if you have any queries or need any assistance in purchasing-related matters.  Our staff are here to support you.


Cardiff University                                                                     E-mail:
Purchasing Section                                                                Telephone +44 (0)2920 874402
McKenzie House, 30-36 Newport Road
Cardiff CF24 0DE