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How to complain about a supplier

In a large organisation such as the University, some problems will naturally occur. You can help suppliers by ensuring the correct delivery address and order number (including department prefix) appear on all orders. If you continually experience problems with suppliers we need to know. We are particularly interested in hearing about the following type of problem:

  • supplier continually mis-addresses deliveries despite all the relevant information being provided on order forms

  • supplier delivers goods which are not of the expected quality or supplies the wrong quantity.

  • supplier does not notify you of an anticipated delay in delivery

  • supplier fails to apply the agreed discount, despite the correct quotation reference being given at point of order

We need to take account of such problems in future negotiations with suppliers. Judging by the small number of complaints received, it would appear that departmental buyers are generally happy with the quality of service provided by University suppliers. Unless you tell us differently - we assume this to be the case. Don't forget that Purchasing provides a service to University departments. If the service we are providing is not meeting your expectations - tell us! E-mail  with details of any problem experienced. We file all complaints for supplier monitoring purposes.