Postgraduate research

We build on good practice throughout the University to provide a positive and enriching student experience.

Doctoral Academy

The Doctoral Academy, launched on 1 September 2016, is a dynamic academic unit to grow, coordinate and support postgraduate research provision at the University.

The Academy builds on the success of the University Graduate College (UGC) as a centre of excellence for training and skill development of postgraduate research students at Cardiff University. It continues to promote and support the delivery of an outstanding student experience, including a comprehensive training programme for postgraduate researchers.

The Academy also supports the University’s ambition to increase the volume of its postgraduate research. It works closely with Schools, Colleges and key Professional Services teams to develop a coordinated approach to increase postgraduate research student numbers, in line with the ambitions set out in The Way Forward.

Research students are involved in the organisation by their membership in the ‘Postgraduate Research Network’, which brings together School Directors of PGR Studies, School PGR Student Representatives, College PGR Deans and the Academy’s Director and staff to discuss issues and provide input into the Academy’s activities.

Postgraduate student surveys

Postgraduate research students are invited to provide feedback on the quality of their experience in a variety of ways. At University-level, these include the annual ‘Welcome to Cardiff’ survey, and the ‘Postgraduate Research Experience Survey’ (PRES) – a UK-wide survey designed to help universities enhance the quality of their postgraduate research degree provision.

Postgraduate researchers are also involved in direct forms of representation. All Schools have postgraduate student academic representatives who feed the views of students into governing bodies in their Schools, in the Students’ Union, in the University Graduate College, and at senior University committees.

Code of Practice

The code of practice for research degrees supports our aim of encouraging our postgraduate researchers to achieve their research potential and to submit a completed thesis for examination by the end of their registration. As part of this, we recognise the vital contribution that the views of postgraduate researchers make to the enhancement of their educational environment and experience.

Code of Practice for Research Degrees

Code of Practice for Research Degrees

21 June 2018

Cardiff University requirements for managing Postgraduate degrees