Biodiversity policy statement

1 July 2016

We have adopted a Biodiversity Policy statement and currently working towards the development of a Biodiversity Action Plan.


Carbon management plan

1 December 2013

This document outlines an action plan and explains the financial and environmental reasons that support carbon management in the University.


Corporate social responsibility policy

15 November 2013

The principles and programmes that underpin our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.


Fairtrade policy

1 January 2015

We are committed to supporting, promoting and using Fairtrade goods.


Nutrition policy

1 November 2015

This policy helps to raise awareness and actively promote healthy eating through University catering and bars.


Sustainable Food Policy

16 June 2015

Our catering and bars support and work towards more sustainable food in its production, processing, trading and procurement.


Sustainable procurement policy statement

23 May 2013

This Sustainable Procurement Policy Statement helps ensure sustainability issues are considered in University purchasing decisions.


Travel plan

2 June 2014

This plan is part of a long term process to encourage staff, students and visitors, to think about how they travel to, from and within the University.


Investment policy statement

1 July 2015

We prohibit investments based upon three parameters; tobacco, armaments and code of ethics.