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The President's Research Scholarships

(Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism

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Societies around the world are becoming increasingly diverse in ethnic, religious and cultural terms. (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism is a new, cutting-edge venture within the Humanities Schools at Cardiff University, bringing together academic staff and postgraduate students in humanities and social science disciplines to study and analyse how we are dealing with that diversity. (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism consists of a research network that links together a series of workshops, seminars, and conferences, along with a number of PhD scholarships to support postgraduate work in this area.
The research undertaken by the President’s Research Scholarship students will explore the ways in which ‘multiculturalism’ was a cultural construct of particular historical circumstances and how the dangers of national dissolution on the one hand, and of discrimination against minorities on the other, may be confronted by its re-construction. Research will thereby contribute to public understanding, theory and policy formation, and creative production in areas, for example, of:

The programme will train future researchers and academics with a varied set of intellectual tools for analysing cultural phenomena and the realities of contemporary Welsh, British and international cultures within a perspective of constant ‘re-constructing’.
Researchers will be prepared for academic careers, to which, in addition to their specialist knowledge, they will bring the intellectual and methodological synergies of the multidisciplinary environment, and add to human capital in a broad range of public-facing professions in which an active and constructive attitude to multicultural phenomena are an essential component.

The (Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism venture draws on a pool of internationally-recognised and experienced supervisors, who have published widely in the different aspects of the field.  Their activities and those of others involved with the project are establishing Cardiff as an international focus in relation to a range of areas of linguistic and cultural issues in multiculturalism.

Project Details

2 studentships are available for this scheme:

(Re)-Constructing Multiculturalism(PhD Studentship)

Deadline: 1st March 2013
Full project details:

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What to do next

  • Find out more about the research projects and the scholarships available and also receive guidance in relation to any project-specific application processes by getting in touch with the Project Contact.
  • Submit an online postgraduate application, within the timescales specified by the Project Contact, in order to be considered for one of the President’s Research Scholarships. (Applicants should indicate in Section 5 (Funding) at the item: ‘ I will be applying for a scholarship/grant ‘ -  the name ‘President’s Research Scholarships’.)

What to do next

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