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The President's Research Scholarships

President's Scholars

Learn about some of the incredible students studying at Cardiff University under our President's Research Scholarship scheme.


We check in with our President's scholars to see how they're getting on with their research a year into their studies and meet a new President's Scholar.

Anwen Cope

Anwen is working within the School of Dentistry and the School of Medicine, her investigation is focusing on the use of antibiotics by medical practitioners in primary care. Her key focus is to help combat antibiotic resistance by promoting a responsible approach to prescription.

Esther Warnett

Esther is conducting her research within the School of Psychology at Cardiff University Brain Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), she is looking to investigate the most effective techniques to gather accurate images of the brain.

Ray King Wing Chan

Ray is currently on the first year of his PhD studies at the School of Planning and Geography. Ray is currently investigating the socio and economic effects of the Chinese bamboo production industry.

Robert Davies

Robert is working at the School of Engineering and is investigating sustainable low carbon composite materials to be used in construction. He updates us on the progress of his research and the support and expertise he has been benefiting from.


Here Robert Davies discusses the importance of undertaking research in collaboration with industry:

Claudia Di Napoli

Claudia explains what attracted her to apply for her President's Research Scholarship in Bioimaging.

Mustafa Hameed

Learn how Mustafa's President's Research Scholarship in Multiculturalism saved his academic career.