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Stage 4 and 5 - Evaluation and Future Plans

Stage 4


Checklist of factors to consider in this stage include:

  • Were the initial objectives and success criteria of the project achieved?
  • What benefits have been achieved and were these expected or unexpected?
  • Did the project stay within the original scope i.e. time, cost and quality
  • What lessons have you learnt which could be used to improve the design and management of similar projects in the future and the University’s project management framework in general?
  • Are there any questions that can usefully be added to the checklists for any of the stages? If so, these can be fed back to the Planning Division who will ensure that these are included in the guidance, templates and training.

For major projects, a report should be provided to the original decision-making body and copied to PLANN.


Stage 5


Stage 5 Future Plans

  • How will the project be monitored in the longer-term to ensure that users are deriving maximum benefit?
  • Will there be a successor project and if so, what is the time-scale for its planning/subsequent project management?
  • Are further evaluation review(s) planned e.g. 6/12/24 months after completion?