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Completed Milestone Report

Have you thought about …?

  • Agreed changes from the original scope
  • Expectations
  • Business Case
  • Reminding your Project Team of the success criteria

This document is to be used during Stage 3 of the Project Management Framework when each milestone has been achieved. If a project has four milestones there should therefore be four Completed Milestone Reports by the end of stage 3.

The Project Manager should complete the first section which contains a summary of the progress to date, including the projects agreed changes from the timescale, budget and quality standard, as well as reviewing the project against the original Business Case and Risk Matrix. This can be used as the basis of the meeting with the Independent Reviewer.

The Independent Reviewer should then complete the second section to recommend whether the project moves on to the next milestone (or if there are no further milestones i.e. the implementation has been completed, then the project should move to Stage 4 which is evaluation).

This Completed Milestone Report should then be forwarded to Planning who will submit it to University Board if necessary.

Please note: Questions for the Independent Reviewer to facilitate sign off of a milestone are at the end of the Completed Milestone Report. We recommend that this template is used for major projects.

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