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Business Case

Have you thought about …?

  • Your Options
  • Your Success Criteria
  • The Cost, Timescale and Quality of your Project

The Business Case can be used during Stage 2 of the Project Management Framework. ‘In principle’ approval of the idea will have been secured during Stage 1 and it is now possible to fully define what the project is going to involve.

The Business Case should either be completed by the project initiator or the project manager if s/he has been appointed. It can be used to set out in detail the overall aims and benefits, possible options, costs, timescale and quality, internal or external parties that need to be included and risks involved in the project. Much of this information can be taken directly from the Concept Brief and expanded.

This Business Case can then be supplied to the person/people who are able to make the decision about whether the project should be approved (in major projects this will usually be University Board).

During the project’s lifetime, the Business Case should be kept up-to-date with any changes occurring e.g. changes in cost, timescale etc. The Business Case can be used to inform others of projects the aims/cost/risks etc for each project stage.

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