Big Brother Is Watching!!

This is simply the best idea the boffins at W.P.S.A. have ever come up with. Coming to university is difficult to say the least and hopefully you will find that everyone does their best to help you through the first few months which are probably the hardest. What W.P.S.A. will do to help you through this stage and for as long as you need is to allocate each first year a big brother or a big sister. This buddy system will pair up first years with usually a second year and usually a person of the opposite sex. This means the 'fresher' gets to know someone in the year above who will know other people who you can be introduced to and the chain just carries on and on. You get to know so many people through this and make a lot of good friends.

The first opportunity you get to meet your big brother or sister will be at the barn dance which is usually held in the second week of term. We have a...erm... funky authentic barn dance band which have done this since 1804. This will be in CF10, in the Union, and is a really good night and if you miss it you will miss out on a lot, and a couple of free drinks from your big brother or sister no doubt.

As well as helping you meet and greet new people, your big brother or sister is also there to dispense such important advice as where to find the library! Or if all else fails, at least they'll be able to direct you to the nearest watering hole, as they generally know everything about everything! Well sort of.

The whole thing is run by us, the W.P.S.A. so you can e-mail any one of us to ask questions. The first year rep is the one who is in charge of the buddy scheme and organises the barn dance, so if you need a very specific answer, she's probably your best bet. Don't try asking for a foxy girl, it doesn't work, so I wouldn't try bothering with that!

The First Year Rep, in charge of the Buddy System for 2011-2012 is Jessica Bennett. Please do not hesitate to e-mail:



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