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Therapeutic antibodies


In the absence of a mass vaccination campaign there is an urgent need to develop therapeutics which can confer instant protection in the event of a bio-attack.

Aims of Project

A particular focus of my group has been the isolation of human monoclonal antibodies from individuals, including myself, who have been vaccinated against anthrax. The premise is that humans produce the best antibodies for the treatment of humans, they are not seen as foreign and unlike mouse produced monoclonals, have undergone extensive refinement and bio-availability panning within the human host prior to isolation. In collaboration with colleagues at IQ Corporation in the Netherlands we have generated high affinity human monoclonal antibodies with specificity for both the PA and LF. These antibodies have been shown to confer protection pre and up to 36 hrs post exposure in a mouse model. It is our intention to extend this approach to the development of monoclonal antibodies against a range of biodefense related agents such Botulinum neurotoxin A and plague.


Prof Les Baillie

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75535Extension: 5535