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Quantifying the extent of carbon nanotube transport across the pulmonary epithelium


Dr Mark Gumbleton and Research Fellow Dr Chris Morris are collaborating with Prof. Ian Matthews from the Department of Primary Care and Public Health (Medicine) to study carbon nanotube transport across an intact ex-vivo lung model. Carbon nanotubes are a new class of nano-sized materials that have a number of potential applications in the fields of electronics, engineering and drug delivery. The annual global production of nanotubes materials to approach hundred of tonnes each year however little is known about how nanotubes access the systemic circulation after occupational exposure via the lung.

Aims of Project

To quantify the rate of carbon nanotubes transport across the pulmonary epithelial barrier into the systemic circulation using an isolated perfused  lung model. Studies will investigate the cellular fate of carbon


Department of Health

Project Value



1 year

Prof Mark Gumbleton

Position:Professor of Experimental Therapeutics and Director of Research
Staff picture of Prof Mark Gumbleton
Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 75449