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Pharmacology & Physiology Research Discipline

Pharmacology and Physiology

Understanding of physiological regulation and disease processes, identifying and validating novel drug targets, mechanisms of drug action

(Coordinator, Emma Kidd )

Expertise includes: elucidating mechanisms of drug action at all levels of organisation, from intracellular sites, membranes and cells through to tissues, organs and intact organisms. 

Specific methodologies include: in vivo and in vitro cardiovascular and pulmonary pharmacology, cancer therapeutics and neurogenerative diseases, enzyme purification, spectral analysis, immunoassay, radioligand binding, in situ hybridisation, PCR, cDNA analysis, Western analysis and immunoprecipitation, proteome mapping, receptor cloning, cell culture, single cell electrophysiology, live cell imaging, bioluminescence, immunocytochemistry of total and activated proteins and behavioural testing.

Current research interests include:

  •  cell signalling, especially in cancer and cardiovascular disease
  •  airway diseases
  •  smooth muscle pharmacology
  •  neurodegenerative diseases
  •  applications of chemo/bioluminescence