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Medicinal Chemistry Research Discipline

Medicinal Chemistry at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Design and synthesis of novel active compounds as drug candidates

(Coordinator, Andy Westwell )

Expertise includes: computer-based molecular graphics, synthesis and analysis of bioactive molecules, applying a wide variety of spectroscopic and other analytical methods. This research group enjoys well-equipped laboratories.  
There is close collaboration with virologists and biochemists throughout Europe and the USA.

Specialist Facilities: The Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has excellent facilities for Medicinal Chemistry. In 2005, we purchased a multi-nuclear Bruker 500MHz NMR spectrometer, and a Bruker micro TOF mass spectrometer (set up for Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI) and microspray). 
The synthetic chemistry laboratories are modern and each researcher has their own fumehood. 
We also have extensive molecular modelling hardware and software, as well as access to state of the art molecular graphics facilities within the University.


Current research interests include :
molecular modelling
- nucleotide prodrugs (“Protides”) especially as anticancer and antiviral agents


Latest News
Professor Chris McGuigan and Professor Malcolm Mason
Ser Cymru, the National Research Network in Health and Life Sciences is launched


Professor Chris McGuigan and Professor Malcolm Mason to lead the network.


Prof. Chris McGuigan
Anti-cancer ProTide NUC1031 successful in first human trials


Compound helps overcome the body's resistance to cancer drug Gemcitabine.


Staff Photo of Dr Andrea Brancale
Prestigious William Prusoff Award given to Andrea Brancale


Prize recognises outstanding scientists demonstrating dedication, excellence and future potential in the field of antiviral research.


3D structure/image of NUC-1031 anti-cancer drug based on gemcitabine
First anti-cancer Pro-tide drug from the McGuigan laboratory is tested in humans


Nucana BioMed have commenced a phase 1 trial of NUC 1031 against pancreatic cancer.