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ProTide Technology

ProTide Technology discovered by Prof Chris McGuigan at Cardiff University, is a pro-drug strategy with proven capacity to generate new drug candidates for nucleoside-based antiviral and anti-cancer indications.  Commercial interest in the technology has seen a series of collaborative research agreements with global pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotech firms in the USA and Europe.  Out-licencing of the IP has enabled reinvestment in facilities in the School to expand the programme of research. The outcomes from which have inspired other commercial entities to pursue the technology with eight agents in clinical trial (Phase 1-111) for anti-cancer and anti-viral indications. The technology is demonstrating significant commercial impact for companies with ProTide-based drug candidates.


3D structure/image of NUC-1031 anti-cancer drug based on gemcitabine

3D structure/image of NUC-1031 anti-cancer drug based on gemcitabine synthesised in the School

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First anti-cancer Pro-tide drug from the McGuigan laboratory is tested in humans


Nucana BioMed have commenced a phase 1 trial of NUC 1031 against pancreatic cancer.

Prof Chris McGuigan

Position:Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
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