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Informing Policy on Defence Protection

picture of BA colonies anthrax

Typical BA colonies

anthrax strain picture

Ames strain of Bacillus Anthracis






The laboratory of Professor Les Baillie at Cardiff University is focused on the cellular and molecular characteristics of  infectious agents that present a high-risk for bioterrorism. This element of his laboratory has a particular focus in combating the threat to society of a bioterrorist attack with Bacillus anthracis, the pathogen which causes anthrax. The potential of this agent to cause major disruption was amply demonstrated by the 2001 anthrax mail attacks in the US which were estimated to have cost over $1 billion dollars to mitigate. The research of Professor Baillie has received significant support from a number of UK government departments, and his findings have directly impacted policy development and the issuing of guidelines of central UK government toward preparedness in the Nation’s ability to respond to a future bioterrorist event.