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Prof Yves-Alain Barde

Starts: 5 November 2014

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Cardiff University

"Neurotrophins in development and diseases of the nervous system"


Prof Yves-Alain Barde - Seminar Speaker 2014-2015

Professor Barde works as Sêr Cymru Research Chair in Neurobiology at the University of Cardiff (U.K.). His best known contribution relates to the discovery and characterization of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) which also helped defining the neurotrophin family. BDNF now receives considerable attention because chromosomal aberrations and polymorphisms involving the BDNF gene have been uncovered that are associated with functional impairments in humans. With regard to physiology, BDNF is involved in key aspects of neuronal function and connectivity in the adult CNS. Its levels are regulated by neuronal activity and BDNF can be described as a bulky pre-synaptic neurotransmitter synthesized on demand and released by adequate stimuli. The work on neurotrophins is also greatly facilitated by the use of neurons differentiated from embryonic stem cells which shed new light on the function of neurotrophins and their receptors.

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Paul Spencer Lecture Theatre, Redwood (2.60C)
2pm - Refreshments from 1:50pm


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