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Prof Marcel Jaspars

Starts: 28 January 2015

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University of Aberdeen

Wednesday 28th January 2015

14:00pm, Room 2.60 (PSLT)

"Natural Chemical Diversity to Combat Infectious Diseases"


The Jaspars group focuses on the functions and applications of marine derived natural products. The goal of the work is to determine the biological role of selected natural products as well as using them as pharmaceuticals and tools for biomedical research. The core skills in the group are natural product isolation and structure determination using spectroscopic methods.
Marcel consults for a number of UK marine biotechnology companies and sits on the Industrial Biotechnology Sector group of the Biosciences Knowledge Transfer Network, and has led scientific missions to Japan/US/New Zealand. Marcel was part of the ESF Working Group that prepared the position paper “Marine Biotechnology: A New Vision and Strategy for Europe” (2010).
Marcel founded the interdisciplinary Marine Biodiscovery Centre, a £1.6 M investment to focus on marine resources for novel pharmaceuticals, and to investigate fundamental questions in chemical ecology and biosynthesis. The Centre contains facilities for chemistry, chromatography, spectroscopy, molecular genetics and microbiology.

Marcel leads the PharmaSea EU FP7 consortium (EUR 9.5 M, 24 partners from 14 countries) which aims to make the use of marine microbial derived compounds a more attractive proposition to the pharmaceutical industry. The microbes are obtained from extreme environments, in particular hadal trenches, cryogenic environments and thermal vents.

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Prof Jean-Yves Maillard

Position:Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology
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