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Prof Liam Gray

Starts: 15 October 2014

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Cardiff University

"Fitting and Forgetting; Inflammation in the epileptic brain."

Professor Liam Gray Seminar Speaker 14-15


William (Liam) Gray graduated from University College Cork, Ireland in 1986, obtained his MD in 1993, was appointed to the University Chair of Neurosurgery at Southampton in January 2006 and moved to the Chair in Cardiff in 2011. His clinical interests are in epilepsy surgery and low grade brain tumours. His lab group studies adult hippocampal neurogenesis, specifically how endogenous stem cells react to seizures in the epileptic brain, and how they may be manipulated to restore cogntive function and effect brain repair. A significant focus is on the role of the immune system in modulating normal hippocampal neurogenesis and its mediation of abnormal neurogenesis under pathological conditions.



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Paul Spencer Lecture Theatre, Redwood (2.60C)
2pm- Refreshments 1:50pm


Dr Emma Lane

Telephone: +44 (0)29 208 74989Extension: 74989


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