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Dr Oliver Castell

Starts: 21 May 2014

Lecturer in PHRMY Dr Oliver Castell

Wednesday 21st May 2014

Cardiff University

Droplet Interface Bilayers for studying membrane processes down to the level of single molecules

Dr Oliver Castell was appointed as a Cardiff University SBP Research Fellow and Lecturer in September 2013. A Pharmacist by training, he gained his PhD (Cardiff University) in multiphase microfluidics, exploiting the unique characteristics of flow on the microscale for high-efficiency chemical separations, work that earned nomination for the Desty Memorial Award for Innovation In Separation Science. Oliver then went on to work on a Technology Strategy Board-funded project providing micro- and nano-technology solutions to challenges faced in the scientific industry, before moving to the lab of Mark Wallace at Oxford University for postdoctoral research in the development of high-throughput screening platforms for the optical quantification of membrane protein function. At Oxford he was also able to pursue his interest in more fundamental science and biophysics with single-molecule studies of membrane proteins in droplet interface bilayers (DIBs) - collaborative work that Oliver still maintains. Working between Oxford University and KTH Stockholm he then undertook research as part of £5M EPSRC funded CAPITALS (Curvature Asymmetry and Patterning Integrated Through All Length Scales) research project, a large-scale, cross-institute, multidisciplinary collaboration led by Imperial College London, working in the field of molecular membrane engineering. Now at Cardiff, Oliver brings with him his continued involvement in the CAPITALS consortium.
Oliver also has a keen interest in science engagement through the arts, performing interactive science-themed music at Einstein's Garden at Green Man Festival 2013 and having scientific photography of his research featured in the National Museum of Wales Research Images Exhibition

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