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Wednesday, 23rd October 2013

Starts: 23 October 2013

Dr Andrew Berry, Harvard University

Dr Andrew Berry

Harvard University

100 Years On: Alfred Russel Wallace and the discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection

Born in London, Andrew Berry has a degree in zoology from Oxford University and a PhD in evolutionary genetics from Princeton University. He was a Harvard Junior Fellow, and is still at Harvard where he is currently Lecturer on Organismic & Evolutionary Biology. 

Combining the techniques of field biology with those of molecular biology, his work has been a search for evidence at the DNA level of Darwinian natural selection. He has published on topics as diverse as Giant Rats in New Guinea, mice on Atlantic islands, aphids from the Far East, and the fruit fly. 

He teaches courses in evolutionary biology and in the history of science. He is the editor of a collection of the writings of Alfred Russel Wallace, the Victorian biologist who, with Charles Darwin, co-discovered natural selection (Infinite Tropics, Verso 2002), and the author, with James D. Watson, of an account of the history and impact of modern genetics published to mark the 50th anniversary of Watson & Crick's discovery of the double helix (DNA, Knopf 2003). 

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