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Wednesday, 3rd October 2012

Starts: 3 October 2012

Dr Chris George

Dr Chris George

School of Medicine, Cardiff University

BHF Senior Research Fellow & Reader in Molecular Cardiology


"Re-tuning cardiac Ca2+ signalling - adventures in space, time and noise"

Chris has been unable to leave Cardiff since 1992. First as an undergraduate in Biochemistry and then as a PhD student looking at Ca2+ micro-environments in cell‐ to‐cell communication, he became obsessive about the patterning of cellular Ca2+ signals. After a brief post‐doc, and keen to take responsibility for his own mistakes, he got waylaid into a BHF Fellowship that moved his work into the cardiac sphere to explore the newly‐found link between abnormal Ca2+ patterns and genetic arrhythmias. Twelve years (and three Fellowships) later, his group is now investigating broader questions relating to cardiac (dys)function from the perspectives of cellular noise and signal‐network architecture. 

The talk will cover his group’s use of molecular, imaging and computational techniques to decode spatial and temporal aspects of Ca2+ signalling and illustrate how this rich information can be used to predict cellular behaviour in single and multi‐cellular populations. He will also describe new ways of manipulating Ca2+ signals in cellular networks with the aim of preventing/rescuing Ca2+ defects in heart disease.


Host: Arwyn Jones

4pm (refreshments from 3:50pm)

Vernon Lloyd Lecture Theatre, Redwood Building

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Cost: Free

Open To: Postgraduate Students
Staff and Students
Undergraduate Students