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Previous Seminars

  NLT in the School

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15th October - Prof Liam Gray (Cardiff University)

22nd October - Cancelled

29th October - Prof Les Baillie (Cardiff University)

5th November - Prof Yves Barde (Cardiff University)

12th November - Dr Nicola Gray (Lime Green Consulting)

19th November - Prof John Weinman (King's College London)

3rd December - Prof Christer Hogstrand, (King's College London)

10th December - Cancelled

Dr Justin Bower : 
"Expanding the Scope of Fragment-Based Hit Identification:Targeting Critical Processes in Cancer" 

Dr Oliver Castell :
"Droplet Interface Bilayers for studying membrane processes down to the level of single molecules" 

 Dr Andy Williams :
"Specialist Science News in the UK National Media"

 Dr Steve Hood and Dr Richard Kirsh :
 "The Challenges of Transforming Oligonucleotides from Research Molecules into Reimbursable Medicines"

 Prof Stephen Caddick :
"New approaches to chemical modification of proteins and antibodies"

 Dr Natasha Martin :
"Hepatitis C virus treatment for people who inject drugs: Evaluating cost-effectiveness including prevention benefits"

 Professor Chris Langley & Dr Joseph Bush :
"Pharmacy Practice Research in an Inner-city Population"

 Dr Nicole Watt :
"The Prion Protein: Friend or Foe in Neurodegeneration"

 Professor Neil Robertson :
"The utility of patient registers in a regional service for Multiple Sclerosis"

 Professor Claire Anderson :
"People's experiences of taking antidepressants"

 Dr Steve Clark : 
"Trapping Pathogens in NETs – Neutrophil Defences Turned Inside-Out"

 Dr Ryan Donnelly :
"Hydrogel-forming microneedles for drug delivery and patient monitoring"

 Dr Wolfgang Maret :

 Dr Weiguang Wang :
"Disulfiram - An anti-alcoholism medicine giving cancer patients new hope"

 Dr Silke Krol :
"Nanoparticle and drug delivery through the blood brain barrier - perhaps it is easier than we thought!"

 Mr Sion Wyn :
"Regulatory compliance for computer systems in the pharmaceutical industry – working with the FDA"



 Dr Panagiotis Manesiotis
"Applications of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Pharmaceutical Analysis and Beyond"
 Professor Séamus Fanning
"Antibiotic resistance from farm-to-fork and its potential impact on public health: opportunity; power & usage"
 Professor Colin Fishwick
"Computer-aided design and synthesis of drug-like molecules"
 Professor Vincent Piguet
"Viral Transmission and the Infectious Synapse" 
  Professor Sylvie Urbe
"Control of receptor trafficking and signalling by reversible ubiquitylation"
 Professor Lesley Jones
"Huntington's disease: pathogenesis and therapeutic targets"
 Dr Divya Chari
"Biomedical Engineering Strategies for Repair of Neurological Injury"
 Dr Andrew Berry
100 Years On: Alfred Russel Wallace and the discovery of the theory of evolution by natural selection"
 Professor Ian Weeks
"bench to bedside research - lost in translation? "
 Professor Valerie Speirs
"Application of 3D models in breast cancer research: investigating the role of the stroma"
 Dr Mark Gumbleton
"UoA3 REF update"
 Professor Adrian Porch
"Interdisciplinary Uses of Microwave Technologies"
 Dr Andrew McBain
"Biofilm models: from the ridiculous to the sublime"
 Dr Vas Ponnambalam
"Understanding and manipulating VEGF-regulated blood vessel growth and repair in health and disease" 
 Dr Mark Young
"The structure, function and pharmacology of P2X receptors, key modulators of pain and inflammation" 
  Dr Richard Bryce
"Understanding protein-ligand recognition using molecular simulation" 
  Dr Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy
"Pharmaceutical materials for ocular, oral and intravesical delivery"
  Dr Omar Usmani
"Targeting Inhaled Drugs Within and Beyond the Lungs: Pathology, Physiology, Pharmacology & Patients"
 Professor David Wright
"Integration, integration, integration: The recipe for success in UK pharmacy education?"
 Dr Maximiliano Gutierrez
"Trafficking of phagosomes: lessons from mycobacteria"
 Dr Awen Gallimore
"Breaking down barriers to effective tumour immunity"
 Dr Ali Tavassoli
"Targeting tumour metabolism with cyclic peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions"
Professor Paul Luzio
"The delivery of endocytosed cargo to lysosomes" 
 Professor Tony Bayer
"Alzheimer's disease therapeutics - clearing the confusion"
 Dr Matthew Fuchter
"Small molecule epigenetic intervention of disease"