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Post-Graduate Staff-Student panel

Remit of the Postgraduate Staff/Student Panel (PGR-SSP)

The Postgraduate Staff/Student Panel (PGR-SSP) is a student consultative committee with membership comprising student and staff representatives. The Panel provides a focal point for raising, discussing and resolving issues that affect the postgraduate community in The Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Panel meets five or six times a year to discuss an agenda that covers a diverse range of issues and initiatives. The remit of the Panel is:

  • To identify and address issues relating to access and maintenance of research and other facilities available to Pharmacy postgraduates within the School and University.
  • To inform the development of postgraduate training within the School and University.
  • To assist in the organisation of postgraduate events.
  • To provide postgraduate feedback on School activities such as training programmes, School seminar series and postgraduate monitoring.
  • To identify and address specific issues arising from the research of postgraduate students such as thesis binding and supervisory policy and assistance.
  • To forward identified issues to The Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Postgraduate Board of Studies (PGR BoS) to be resolved.
  • To provide comment on matters raised by the PGR BoS.

It is crucial that the Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has an active Staff/Student Panel as the committee provides a forum where your views can be carried forward and considered by key members of the academic staff. New representatives are elected to sit on the Panel at the start of the session.

Students will be notified during enrolment of vacancies, and the process for nominating student representatives to the Staff-Student Panel.

PHRMY PGR Feedback/Suggestions

If you would like to raise any issues with the panel, you can either raise them with Bethan Copp or you can take the annonymous survey monkey here.

Student representatives:

Bethan Copp (Chairperson) - Pharmacy Practice
Matt Ivory (Secretary) - Drug Delivery
Andy Jenkins - Pharmacy practice
Sam Jones - Pharmacology
Cinzia Bordoni - Medical Chemistry
Qutaiba Karwi - Pharmacology
Hope Roberts-Dalton - Drug Delivery
Melissa Rodrigues - Drug Delivery 

staff student panel 2015


Staff Representatives

Dr. Emma Kidd
Prof. Chris McGuigan
Dr. Stephen Hiscox
Dr. James Birchall
Mrs. Wendy Davies