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Staff profile

Dr Nicola J Jordan 

Position:Post-doctoral Research Associate
Telephone:+44 (0)29 2087 5269

Additional Information

Recent publications

Hiscox S., Jordan N.J., Jiang W., Harper M., McClelland R., Smith C. & Nicholson R.I. (2006). Chronic exposure to fulvestrant promotes overexpression of the c-Met receptor in breast cancer cells: implications for tumour-stroma interactions. Endocr Rel Cancer, In press.

Jordan, N. J., Gee J.M., Barrow, D., Wakeling, A.E. & Nicholson, R.I. (2004). Increased Constitutive Activity of PKB/Akt in Tamoxifen Resistant Breast Cancer MCF-7 Cells. Breast Cancer Res Treat 87(2): 167-80.

Jones, H.E., Nicholson, R.I., Hutcheson, I.R., Knowlden, J.M., Harper, M.E., Jordan, N., Hiscox, S.E., Barrow, D. & Gee, J.M.W. (2004). Endocrine resistance in breast cancer:therapeutic intervention using signal transduction inhibitors. Advances in Breast cancer, 1, 3.

Nicholson, R.I., Hutcheson, I.R., Knowlden, J.M., Jones, H.E., Harper, M.E., Jordan, N., Hiscox, S.E., Barrow, D. & Gee, J.M. (2004). Nonendocrine pathways and endocrine resistance: observations with antiestrogens and signal transduction inhibitors in combination. Clin Cancer Res, 10, 346S-54S.

Gee, J.M., Harper, M.E., Hutcheson, I.R., Madden, T.A., Barrow, D., Knowlden, J.M., McClelland, R.A., Jordan, N., Wakeling, A.E. & Nicholson, R.I. (2003). The antiepidermal growth factor receptor agent gefitinib (ZD1839/Iressa) improves antihormone response and prevents development of resistance in breast cancer in vitro. Endocrinology, 144, 5105-17.