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Mr Brian Jones 

Staff Photo of Mr Brian Jones
Position:Honorary Senior Lecturer

Additional Information

Brian Jones graduated B Pharm from the Welsh School of Pharmacy in 1961 and completed a pre-registration year in Swansea GeneralHospital. Since then he has worked in the pharmaceutical industry apart from one year in community pharmacy. He obtained an M Pharm degree by research in 1973 for a thesis entitled hard gelatin capsule colourants, a qualitative and quantitative study. The major part of his career (29 years) was spent working for Eli Lilly & Co. Ltd, Basingstoke, UK where he was involved in providing technical support to their capsule manufacturing and filling operations and in providing a service to their capsule customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. 

Since taking early retirement in 1994 he has worked as an independent consultant on hard capsules. He has been active in pharmaceutical affairs: the founder of a local branch (North Hampshire) and has served as a branch secretary, branch chairperson, regional chairperson for Wessex and 2 terms on the Industrial Pharmacists Group Committee of the RPSGB. He was made an FRPharmS in 1990 for distinction in the practice and profession of pharmacy.  He was appointed as an honorary lecturer in Drug Delivery in 1994.

Research interests                   

The manufacture and use of hard capsules, in particular hypromellose capsules and their applications as a delivery system for oral administration and for inhalation products, and in the formulation and assessment of powders for filling.

Recent Publications

Jones, B.E., Tablets & Capsules, 2010, 8(1), 1-4, “How gelatin and hypromellose capsules differ in product release during dissolution”

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