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Prof Glyn Taylor  -  BSc PhD MIoD


Dr Taylor is a member of the School's Drug Delivery & Microbiology Research Discipline


Research Interests

Optimisation of Aerosol Generation and Deposition

Strategies to improve the efficiency of drug aerosolization from dry powder systems include probing the nature of drug-drug cohesive and drug-carrier adhesive forces in dry powder formulations.  The problems associated with the substitution of HFA's for CFC's in pMDI's are being addressed by methods including the formulation of solution-phase systems using, for example, soluble prodrugs, and using novel methods to stabilise drug suspensions in HFA's using, for example, secondary particulates.


Pulmonary Barriers to Drug Absorption

Enhancing the systemic delivery of protein and peptide drugs is being investigated using agents which alter the nature of the biological barrier to absorption. Physical methods to produce aerosols optimised for specific regional deposition in the respiratory tract are also being employed.

The above techniques are used in pre-clinical studies in which the techniques of gamma scintigraphy and pharmacokinetics are exploited to gain a better understanding of the nature of pulmonary drug deposition and absorption. 

Laboratory and clinical studies are also undertaken to evaluate device, formulation and patient variables, each of which can influence optimum drug deposition from novel delivery systems.  These studies are performed at i2c Pharmaceutical Services and Cardiff Scintigraphics, which are Cardiff University spin-outs, for which Prof Taylor is Chairman. The clinical studies are conducted in alliance with Simbec Research.


Effects of Excipients on Pharmacokinetics

The use of excipients to enhance solubility in early drug development studies may alter intrinsic drug pharmacokinetics and adversely influence candidate selection.  Investigations into the use of imaging and pharmacokinetic techniques to characterise the influence of drug excipients are in progress.


Key Expertise

  • Gamma scintigraphy
  • Pulmonary drug absorption
  • Novel dosage forms and delivery systems
  • Pharmacokinetic analysis


Research Funding