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Prof Robert Sewell  -  BPharm PhD CBiol MIBiol FRPharmS

Member of the School's Pharmacology & Physiology Research Discipline

Research Interests

  • Drug Dependence and Tolerance
  • Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and drug actions on memory
  • Computer Assisted Learning (CAL)

Professor Sewell commenced his research career as an opioid neuropharmacologist studying analgesia, tolerance and dependence. He later developed an interest in non-receptor mediated membrane actions of benzodiazepines and consequently spent two years in Canada exploring this field of research. On return to the U.K, he became involved with studies on cotton contamination and its relevance to occupational lung disease but subsequently, he has focused on neurodegenerative diseases, early biomarkers of cognitive decline, memory enhancement and the development of neuroprotective agents. He has continually maintained a lasting interest in opioid dependence studies both at the clinical and experimental level.

Throughout, Professor Sewell has recognised the importance of teaching research particularly in the use of computers in the learning environment. He has taken an active role in the development of teaching packages for Pharmacy and Pharmacology students within the Pharmacy Consortium for Computer Aided Learning (PCCAL) since the early 1990s and he has numerous publications in the context of teaching research.