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Dr Rebecca Price-Davies 

Research Interests

  • Stability of parenteral nutrition admixtures
  • Use of drugs with parenteral nutrition
  • Drug stability in ambulatory infusion devices

MPharm research projects

“Factors affecting delivery from elastomeric ambulatory devices” 2014

“Does infusion container influence the amount of drug administered by intermittent infusion?” 2014

“Variability in delivered dose from collapsible infusion containers” 2014

“Reflections on research: a thematic analysis” 2014

“The light protective effect of lipid emulsions on retinol in Vitlipid® N Infant” 2013

“Calcium oxalate precipitate – a risk to parenteral nutrition patients?” 2013

“The effect of storage conditions and Vitlipid® on parenteral nutrition lipids within syringes” 2012

“A study of the effect of storage conditions on parenteral nutrition additives” 2011

“A study of the effects of temperature, light and pH on the I-Flow Homepump Eclipse® ambulatory elastomeric pump device” 2010

“A comparison of drug stability in ambulatory devices” 2009