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Prof Jean-Yves Maillard  -  BSc PhD


 Member of the School's Drug Delivery & Microbiology Research Discipline


Research interests include: 

  • Efficacy of biocidal agents against micro-organisms
  • Mechanisms of action of biocidal agents
  • Mechanisms of microbial resistance and cross-resistance to antimicrobials
  • Development of efficacy testing protocols
  • New delivery systems for biocidal agents 
Efficacy of Sporicidal Wipes [3.6 Mb]
Presentation by Dr Jean-Yves Maillard to the Infection Prevention Society, Cardiff 2011


Current Research Projects



Prof SP Denyer, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University
Dr M Gumbleton, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University
Dr C Allender, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University
Dr C Simons, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University
Prof GW Hanlon, School of Pharmacy and Molecular Sciences, University of Brighton
Dr A. Sloan, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University
Dr R Waddington, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University
Dr D Thomas, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University
Dr K Hill, School of Dentistry, Cardiff University
Dr E Mahenthiralingam, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University


Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Mark Legget (2011-2013) : Development of novel sporicidal formulations.
Harsha Sinai (2012-2014): Antimicrobial wipe efficacy
Dr Jessica Roberts (2012-2013): Characterisation of pulpal responses to bacterial challenge.
Dr Maria Rubiano Saavedra (2012-2013): Virucides


Key Expertise 
  • Biocide efficacy against micro-organisms including bacteria, viruses, bacterial endospores, protozoa
  • Biocide efficacy standard test protocols
  • Biocide interactions with microbial cells
  • Development of microbial resistance to biocides and to chemotherapeutic antibiotics
  • Design of efficacy test protocols including antimicrobial wipe efficacy test (link to wipe ppt)


Research Funding (current)

Efficacy of antimicrobial agents

  • 2012-2013 Dunhill Medical Trust (£50,523): Preventing dental pain, abscess and tooth loss in older adults: Development of antimicrobial restorative materials to manage dental disease in older adults
  • 2012-2014 KTP (Cardiff University/GAMA Healthcare) (£138,000): Assessing the in vivo efficacy of sporicidal wipes – R&D development
  • 2010-2013  NIHR (£241,5277): Biocide impregnated surface materials for use in clinical areas – under what conditions do they work?
  • 2011-2013  KTP (Cardiff University/Steris) (£142,027): Development of novel sporicidal formulations
  • 2009-onwards GAMA Healthcare. Testing of the sporicidal activity of commercially available wipes against Clostridium difficile

Molecular mechanisms of action of, and resistance to, antimicrobial agents:

  • 2008-2011  Steris Corporation, UK/WSOP (£34,000): Understanding the interactions of oxidizing agents with macromolecules and microbial cell components

Effects of biocides on the transfer of antibiotic-resistant genes & linkage between antibiotic & biocide resistance in bacteria:

  • 2011-2014 Unilever (£112,332): Bacterial resistance to biocides: an assessment of resistance mechanisms and method development.              
  • 2012       L’Oréal, Paris. Preliminary testing of the propensity of preservative molecules to induce/select/trigger bacterial resistance                    
  • 2010-2013  Unilever (£105,765): Identification and validation of method(s) to describe antimicrobial resistance development