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Dr Karen Hodson  -  BSc (Pharm) MSc PhD MRPharmS Pharmacist


Current MSc Research Students

Kylie Hughes, from Cwm Taf Health Board, Wales

Rhian Baker-Phillips, from Betsi  Cadwaladr University Health Board 

Sophie Harding, from Velindre Cancer Centre


Previous MSc Research Projects


Caroline Browne, A cross sectional study exploring the views of the Associate Course Directors and students on the reflective assignment for module PHT727 of the MSc in Clinical Pharmacy

Rowena Duffield, Investigation into incidences, types and causes of prescribing errors on handwritten and electronic discharge prescriptions

John Warburton, Antibiotic Intravenous to oral switch guidelines: barriers to adherence and solutions to poor adherence

Victoria Green, An assessment of the reasons why patients are admitted to hospital with a simple exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Katherine Cullen, An evaluation of a pharmacist led lithium clinic in South West Bradford.

Lois Dafydd, The application of FMEA to improve the safety of insulin for inpatients.

Ioannis Petrakis, The effects of Atomoxetine Treatment on Substance Use and Abuse in a Drug Using Population with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Emily Smith, An evaluation of the orthopaedic surgical thromboprophylaxis guidelines at Airedale NHS Trust.

Gareth Tyrell, The impact of a pharmacy reconciliation service in an arthroplasty pre-admission clinic on patient care.

Huei Li Yeoh, The effectiveness of prescribed breakthrough opioids in cancer-related breakthrough pain.


Sian Williams, An evaluation of the impact of a pharmacist at an orthopaedic pre-admission clinic on the accuracy and safety of patients’ medication on admission to the ward.

Rebecca Chanda, A study to investigate medicines-related communication issues during transfer of patients from an acute hospital and community hospitals.

Anke Willms, Evaluation of the effects of introducing a non medical anaemia management team and a darbepoetin alfa home delivery service for patients with anaemia of chronic kidney disease.


Noshi Iqbal, Improving chemotherapy services: applying a capacity planning toolkit to the pharmacy department at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Renata Poole, An evaluation of the impact of e-learning on in-patient prescribing and the views of doctors on prescribing.

Maria Martinez Martinez, Hyperphosphataemia and its management in chronic kidney disease: patients’ and healthcare professionals’ perceptions.


Lucy Philpot, An evaluation of a pharmacist-run structured medication review for cystic fibrosis patients, as part of the annual review process.


Jas Janjuha, Evaluation of a Pharmacist-Led clinical medication review and hypertension clinic for elderly patients on repeat medications in general practice.

Michael Dixon, A comparison of intramuscular haloperidol, olanzapine and zuclopenthixol acetate for rapid tranquillisation on a psychiatric intensive care unit.

Sally Punter, Renal function derived platinum dosing: A study of current practice in the Oxford Cancer Centre.

Estelle Hames, Evaluation of a pharmacist-Led Antimicrobial stewardship programme.


Lucia Chan, Patients’ Compliance with Medications Prescribed for Secondary Prevention of Stroke.

Pamela Das, Junior doctor induction to Neonatal practice: an approach to good prescribing and reducing medication errors.


Helen Matthews, To assess whether the prescribing habits of General Practitioners can be influenced by the provision of additional information for post myocardial infarction patients after discharge from hospital.

Eleanor Wakeling, Implementation of a more structured approach to pharmaceutical communications of admission and discharge.

Andrew Prowse, An investigation into the effects of a clinic based pharmacist in the Oxford transplant centre outpatient department and the introduction of a medication home delivery service.
(This project won the RPSGB Pharmaceutical Care Awards 2004 and has been published in the Pharmaceutical Journal 2004; 272:547-551)


Emily Hartwell, An audit of prescription chart documentation, and investigation of information sources utilised, in relation to the administration of intravenous medication in Morriston Hospital.

Ruey Leng Loo, Do pharmacy outpatient clinics improve adherence among older people?

Niamh McGarry, Discharge prescription review by a clinical pharmacist on the cardiology wards in a Dublin teaching hospital.


Heather Patterson, A study to identify patients at risk of drug-related readmission to a medical assessment unit.


Sarah Blackburn, Inflammatory bowel disease patients’ beliefs about their illness and medication:  Implications for medicines adherence and patient education.

Helen Flint, Chemotherapy in colorectal cancer patients: A comparison of quality of life and toxicity in patients over and under 70 years.

Saima Lone, A Pragmatic study to assess clinical pharmacists writing Discharge Medication Prescriptions.


Carolyn Nelson, Pharmacist-led Prescribing of Warfarin to Hospital In-Patients following placement of mechanical Prosthetic Heart Valves.

Bethan Tranter, The clinical benefit of a specialist haematology pharmacist in haematology outpatient clinics.

Rhian Manley, An investigative study into the effects of a new system of drug supply on pharmacist contributions to patient care.


MPhil Thesis

Philippa Fahie-Wilson, Medication-related information needs of stroke patients: implications for patient satisfaction and adherence (2007)