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Dr Sion Coulman  -  MPharm PhD Pharmacist


Research Interests

Novel drug delivery devices to enhance the delivery of therapeutics through the skin barrier

The passage of therapeutic molecules into or across the skin is significantly impeded by the inherent barrier properties of the outermost layer of skin, the stratum corneum. However within the last decade sophisticated engineering techniques have resulted in the emergence of a number of novel drug delivery devices such as the microneedle array. Current investigations are focussed upon intradermal delivery of macromolecular therapeutics and the development of delivery systems from a laboratory prototype to clinically useful devices.


Pharmacy Education

More recently I have also developed a pedagogic interest in calculations, with particular focus on the education of pharmacy students and pharmacists in this area. 


Key Expertise

  • Physicochemical characterisation of nanoparticle drug delivery systems
  • Ex vivo culture of human skin
  • In vitro transdermal delivery studies
  • Light, fluorescence and electron microscopy