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Time-Line of the Welsh School of Pharmacy 1959-1978


up to 1959


Redwood Building in 1961 taken from the official brochure

Redwood Building in 1961 taken from the official brochure produced for the Opening by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh 2nd June 1961

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The ‘New Building’ of the Welsh CAT (now the Redwood Building) and is occupied by the Welsh School of Pharmacy, Maritime Studies, Applied Chemistry and Applied Biology Departments. Pharmacy occupied the whole of the South wing, including the main lecture theatre. The top floor opened onto a terrace facing into the quadrangle (later filled in to become the pharmacology research labs).

A separate page describes the low relief mural above the entrance.


Paul Nicholls joins the staff as the first pharmacologist. Prior to this pharmacology had been taught by George Mitchell from the Medical School.


2nd June - The New Building is opened by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. (Official brochure is available, including original plans of the building).

Welsh School of Pharmacy recognised by the University of Wales as a place of research for to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). (Does anyone know who the first PhD graduate was?) 

photo of WSP student visit  to PD April1961


Photograph of student visit on the steps of Parke Davis on 13th April 1961. At that time, students were encouraged to participate in two series of factory visits in and around London – 3 days at Christmas and 3 days at Easter. Local Authorities provided grants to enable students to participate. 

More photos of the class graduating in 1961


Retirement of J. Malcolm Davies as Deputy Head of School. He joined the School in the 1920’s, before the arrival of Vernon Lloyd. (A copy of Vernon Lloyd’s foreword to his retirement gift exists).


The Welsh CAT given full University status and renamed University of Wales Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST).

Vernon Lloyd retires. A formal photograph of the then staff was taken and used as the frontispiece of a small album/memento presented to Mr Lloyd containing signatures of all staff, current student members of WPSA, a number of alumni and other well wishers.  (N.B. This is still a treasured artifact kept by the family.)

photo of Welsh School of Pharmacy staff in Summer 1967  245.3 Kb

 Welsh School of Pharmacy staff taken in Summer 1967 

He was also presented with a framed portrait painted by Ivor Williams, a Cardiff-based artist. For many years this hung at the top of the main stairs in the Redwood Building, a building which he himself planned in great detail as Vice-Principal of the College. In 2010, it was moved to a new position in the newly renamed Vernon Lloyd Lecture Theatre on the ground floor.

In his retirement speech, Mr Lloyd recommended the merger of the two University Colleges in Cardiff and even forecast the merger with the medical school, all of which has subsequently come to pass. He also hoped that the School would expand to occupy the whole of the Redwood Building, which effectively occurred in 2008.


A.M. (Archie) Cook is appointed Professor of Pharmacy and Head of the WSP (Professor Cook had previously held a personal chair in the School of Pharmacy in London. He had graduated from London during the war years, and interestingly had been one the students evacuated to University College Cardiff in 1939).


Paul Spencer appointed Professor of Pharmacology.

The Welsh School of Pharmacy assumes responsibility for teaching all aspects of the B.Pharm. degree (previously elements had been taught in the Medical School and certain departments of University College).


Appointment of Peter Parish as the first Professor of Clinical Pharmacy in the U.K.


Professor Cook retires and is replaced by Professor Spencer as Head of School.


1978 to 2009

 2009 to date