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International Women's Day

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International Women's Day

Cardiff University International 
Women's Day News and Events

Saturday 8th March 2014

United National Theme 2014:

Equality for women is progress for all

Celebrating "International Women's Day" at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  
See our initiatives we have in place to support women's advancement:

Personal Statement from Undergraduate Student Miss Sheatha Latif

Student Staff Panel of the Year 2013 Award
Sheatha Latif (right) with Dr Louise Hughes and VC Prof Colin Riordan receiving Student Staff Panel of the Year Award 2013

“In 1976 at the age of 18, my mother began her nursing education and training. In her own words, “for working-class women pursuing further education at that time it was either nursing, teacher training or a secretarial course”. 37 years earlier at the age of 14, my maternal grandmother was pulled out of school to contribute to the war effort, working by day in the family greengrocer’s business and at night in an ammunitions factory. The educational and academic lives of Mary Fairfax Somerville, Dorothy Hodgkin and Rosalind Franklin - mathematician, chemist and biophysicist respectively - are intertwined with stories of discouragement, discrimination and denial of liberty, centred around the notion that women’s roles at the time were largely confined to marriage and motherhood.  My mother enjoyed a long and profitable career as a neonatal nurse; my grandmother remains in my memory as a shining example of a forward-thinking woman born before her time. Mary Somerville’s contribution to the understanding of theoretical astronomy in the 1800’s granted her the accolade of becoming one of the first female members of the Royal Astronomical Society, while Dorothy Hodgkin used x-ray crystallography to resolve the structures of penicillin and insulin, paving the way for future rational drug design that has provided prophylaxis and treatment for millions worldwide. Rosalind Franklin’s work is acknowledged as having contributed to the discovery that the “backbone” of DNA is constructed of alternating deoxyribose and phosphate units (although sadly she remained uncredited at the time of her death - aged 37, after a battle with ovarian cancer - by her colleagues Watson and Crick).

I am a 23 year old, female pharmacy undergraduate. My decision to embark on a career in pharmacy was met with nothing but whole hearted encouragement and support by family and friends, and with respect to the wider community I have yet to encounter any barriers enforced or questions raised as to the validity of my position as a women in science. Certainly, that is not to say that these obstacles and ways of thinking no longer exist, but to emphasise the great societal advancements made that inspired such significant change of attitude in a relatively narrow snapshot of time. It is therefore with great admiration and thanks that I reflect on the personal and transformative achievements of these women, both familiar and famous.”​

Celebrating Awards:

Student Staff Panel of the Year 2013

Miss Katie Oakes presentation
Miss Katie Oakes, winner of the Reckitt Benckiser-BPSA Pharmacy Student of the Year Award.














Inspiring the Next Generation


Dr Emma Lane

Lecturer in Pharmacology.  Research interests: Parkinson's disease and Huntingdon's disease.

Dr Rebecca Price-Davies 

Lecturer and research pharmacist, Rebecca btained her BPharm at the University of Bath, before returning to Wales to gain professional registration as a pharmacist and subsequently her PhD at Cardiff University.

Dr Polina Prokopovich

Lecturer - Teacher and Research

Athena Swan

In April 2013, Athena SWAN assessment panel awarded a 'Silver award' to the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.  The Athena SWAN Charter is a scheme which recognises excellence in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) employment in higher education and commends good practice for women working in these areas.  Celebrating Athena Swan Silver Award

Women in Research at the Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University:

Dr Julia Gee

Dr Julia Gee

Dr Julia Gee

Breast Cancer Campaign Senior Research Fellow  - I received a BSc (Hons) in 1985 in Physiological Sciences from the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and was awarded the University’s Physiology prize for that year. I then undertook a Medical Research Council-funded PhD studentship at the University of Wales College of Medicine in the then Tenovus Institute (breast cancer laboratory, PhD awarded 1991). I held 3 consecutive postdoctoral positions in the Tenovus Institute between 1991-2000 (including one with Dept. Surgery, University of Wales College of Medicine), becoming a Senior Researcher in 1995. Between 2000-April 2007, I took up the position of Senior Research Associate & Research Co-ordinator for the Tenovus Centre for Cancer Research within the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, where the programme of work focussed around anti‑hormone resistance and progression in breast cancer.

Dr Claire Simons

Senior Lecturer - I graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Chemistry from Kings College London in 1989 and continued at Kings to undertake a Ph.D. On completion of my Ph.D. in 1992 I obtained a NIH exchange fellowship and worked at the Michigan Cancer Foundation (now the Karmanos Cancer Institute), Detroit, USA on the synthesis of antiviral allenic derived nucleic acids under the supervision of Dr Jiri Zemlicka. In 1994 I returned to Europe to take up a postdoctoral position at the Institut de Chimie, Paris and then a postdoctoral position at the University of Leicester. I joined the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences as a lecturer in 1995 and currently hold the position of Senior Lecturer.

Dr Kathy Taylor

Kathryn Taylor began her post-doctoral career in the field of kidney preservation for transplantation at the department of surgery in Kings’ College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London.After a 9 year maternal career break she returned to investigate the role of complement component C9 in arthritis at the department of Medical Biochemistry, Heath Hospital, Cardiff.Kathryn joined the Tenovus centre for cancer research in 1997 where she has been investigating the role of the LIV-1 family of zinc transporters in breast cancer.

Dr Efi Mantzourani

Lecturer in Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy - MPharm, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.  MSc in Molecular Modelling, Cardiff University.  Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.  PhD in NMR and Molecular Modelling, University of Patras, Greece.

Brain Games

Inspiring young people in Neuroscience through interactive events.

Picture of children involved in Brain Games
Children interacting at Brain Games Event

We have a number of researchers who are very enthusiastic in our public engagement activities which are aimed at delivering social and cultural impact, inspiring young people to achieve their full potential, to engender their interest in science, and to inform the public on scientific issues of so they may effectively contribute to open debate.  E.G. the Brain Games involving:

Dr Emma Lane

Dr Emma Kidd

Dr Rhian Thomas