Science thinking

Our Science Thinking projects are about giving people the problem solving tools to help themselves.

Family listening to a solar powered radio in a northern Namibia homestead
Better understanding and use of solar will improve the lives of poor Namibians

People know they must have clean water, but how can you be a Water Engineer unless you can solve maths problems?

A country must have people able to think scientifically to participate as 21st Century Global Citizens.  So we're working in Maths, we're working in Computer Science and yes going forward engineering is on our agenda. 

Namibian people need to think through their challenges and find solutions right for sub-Saharan Africa. Only then will solutions be sustainable. Cardiff University are there to assist the students and staff of University of Namibia in this.


Computing students at UNAM

Building a Python Community

This project supports the creation of an open source software community in Namibia.

Mathematics debriefing at University of Namibia

Mathematics for Namibians

This project delivers a customised professional development program focused on mathematics and science.