People need to understand ways of getting themselves out of poverty, ways of ensuring their health is as good as it can be.

People waiting at Rundu out-patients department
Getting timely messages to people can save lives: Rundu Casualty

How can you help yourself and your family if:

  • your country has 13 local languages;
  • you don't speak English;
  • you can't read or write a language;
  • you don't have electricity and getting radio or television is a problem?

Cardiff University and University of Namibia are exploring exciting strategies to help people get the information they need to help themselves into a better life.


looking at curriculum materials

Ethnomusicology for Namibia

This project benefits from boosting health communications to strengthening local languages.

Child smiling at Bunya Health Centre in Northern Namibia

African Languages Project

We are helping to promote local language development for Namibia.