Our partner

The Phoenix Project is in partnership with the University of Namibia. The project has formed a very broad based collaboration with the university.

This collaboration involves all Colleges and Professional Services of Cardiff University in education and development enablement partnership.

Why Namibia?

  • Namibia is a stable democracy.
  • The country is a developing country with extreme poverty and health challenges in the rural areas of a desert country with communication and transport challenges.
  • Access to secondary school education depends on wealth.
  • The conversion from secondary school level to university is a challenge for the students of Namibia.

Why the University of Namibia?

  • The University of Namibia was chosen after wide ranging country analysis and it was found to have a range of departments and Professional Services mirroring our own in Cardiff University.
  • They are an enthusiastic, energetic partner, willing and happy to invest in joint partnerships, leading to a sustainable relationship.

UNAM's Saara Kamati talks about Namibia and the benefits to both parties of this collaboration.