About us

The Phoenix Project is about universities working together to reduce poverty and promote healthier societies.

Through a partnership between Cardiff University and the University of Namibia, the project provides opportunities for shared learning and development. These benefit all university departments and support services, and contribute to the delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Phoenix Project is a Cardiff University Flagship Engagement Project. It is part of Cardiff University’s International and Engagement programme identified in The Way Forward 2012 - 2017.

The project supports the Welsh Government’s Wales for Africa programme.It is a five year project led by Professor Judith E Hall, School of Medicine,Cardiff University.


  • The Phoenix Project brings sustainable improvement to the lives of the peoples of Namibia and Wales.
  • The project stresses the importance of education in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals in Namibia and Wales.
  • We achieve this by building educational capacity.
  • Students and staff of the Universities of Namibia and Cardiff benefit directly from the Phoenix Project.
  • We gain hugely by experiencing different cultures: becoming global citizens.
  • Each partner challenges themselves, and thus grows by engaging in international development work.