Seminar Series

Redwood Seminar
Paul Spencer Lecture Theatre, Redwood Building

We hold a number of different events during the academic year, including regular seminar series every Wednesday afternoon for staff and students.

Research seminar programme – Autumn/Winter 2018

  • Venue: Redwood Building, lecture theatre 2.60
    (Paul Spencer Lecture Theatre)
  • Time: 14:00


Dr Catrin Williams (School of Engineering, Cardiff University)

Electromagnetic field interactions with biological systems

Prof. AT Jones


Dr Frankie Rawson (University of Nottingham)

Electrically Stimulating Developments in Medicine

Dr OK Castell


Dr Katherine Long (Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden)

How does the human neocortex fold? Developing novel tools to understand the newly discovered role of extracellular matrix

Dr B Newland


Professor Giuseppe Battaglia (University College London)

Cytonautics: Integrated approach to design cellular carriers

Prof AT Jones


Dr Karen Hodson & Dr Efi Mantzourani (School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University)

Changing policy in primary care: empowering pharmacists to support patient centred care

Prof M Weiss


Dr Carina Fraser (Cardiff University/Wales Biobank)

An introduction to Cardiff University Biobank

Dr JMW Gee


Professor Ken Wann (School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University)

Reflections on Half a Century of Hopping in and out of Ion ChannelsProf M Gumbleton

Dr David Williams (School of Chemistry, Swansea University)

Biodegradable Copolymeric Nano-vectors/reactors as robust nanomedical technologiesProf AT Jones

Dr Salvatore Ferla (School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University)

WCADD: jump-starting novel anticancer drug design projects

Prof AD Westwell

Dr Giulio Nannetti (School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University)

Disruption of protein-protein interactions as an approach for the development of new antiviral agents.Prof AD Westwell

Professor Vincent Cattoir (Université de Caen Normandie)

How enterococci become resistant to antibioticsProf JY Maillard