Professor Andy Weightman

Professor Andy Weightman

Head of Organisms and Environment Division, Professor

+44 (0)29 2087 5877
+44 (0)29 2087 4305


  • The Deep Sub-Seafloor Biosphere – adaptations to an extreme environment (EC, NERC)
  • Aquatic microbial metagenomics and biogeochemical cycles (NERC)
  • Adaptation of ecosystems to aliphatic organohalogens and the evolution of bacterial xenobiotic-degrading enzymes (NERC, AstraZeneca, Wellcome Trust)
  • Tackling the problem of 16S rRNA chimeras through analysis of sequence regularity – a software solution (BBSRC)
  • Development of a recA gene based identification approach for the entire Burkholderia genus (NERC)
  • Studying prokaryotic diversity and interactions in deep terrestrial sediments (Leverhulme Trust).
  • Microbial adaptation to degradation of natural and synthetic organohalogens: effects on ecosystem acclimation and natural bioremediation of polluted sites (EC)
  • Do deep marine sediment layers contain uniquely adapted physiological types of anaerobic bacteria? (NERC)
  • Microbial activity and diversity measurements as tools for improved evaluation of the environmental risks posed by contaminated soil and sediments (ICI/NERC) 

Research group members

Affiliated staff

  • Dr Kevin Ashelford
  • Dr Louise O'Sullivan
  • Dr Gerard Selleck

PhD Students

  • Mark Leggett
  • Judith White
  • Chloe Heywood
  • Julia Sas
  • Emily Flowers
  • Falko Matthes
  • Kwestan Ahmad

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