Dr Reza Ahmadian

Dr Reza Ahmadian

Senior Lecturer

School of Engineering

+44 (0)29 2087 4003

I am a Senior Lecturer and the director of Post-Graduate study Taught (PGT) at Cardiff School of Engineering. I have about 15 years experience in developing and refining hydro-environmental computational models to investigate hydrodynamic, flood modelling as well as simulating water quality and sediment transport processes. I am also a member of the leadership team of the International Association for Hydro-environment engineering and Research (IAHR) UK chapter.

I graduated from Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic (Iran), with a BSc in Civil Engineering in 2001 and an MSc in Water Engineering in 2005. I also worked as a civil engineering at different levels, before I started my PhD including during my under graduate and masters studies.

My PhD research was focused on improving various 1D and 2D hydro-environmental numerical models through enhancement of boundary conditions, increasing model efficiency, linking model applications compliance with OpenMI standard, development of a user-friendly graphical user interface and incorporating numerical models into a GIS software beside refinements of models using laboratory data. Through a Halcrow (now CH2M) studentship, I was also in development of ISIS 2D and linking of the model to ISIS 1D (both are components of Flood Modeller Pro now).

I worked as research associate at Cardiff University from Feb 2010 to Sep 2013, working on two different projects simultaneously. One of the projects involved developing hydro-environmental models to predict water quality at a pilot site, namely Swansea Bay, and providing a better understanding of pollution sources, to assist with maintaining UK’s Blue Flag beaches by meeting the new EU Bathing Water Directive. The other project involved developing hydro-environmental models to simulate the hydro-environmental impacts of various marine renewable energy schemes, including tidal stream turbines and tidal range schemes, such as tidal lagoons and barrages.

My research is mainly focused on hydro-environmental modelling motivated by reducing the risk to humans’ health and sustainable use of water. Three key strands of my research are as follows:

  • Flood modelling with particular focus on modelling rapids floods, dynamic 1D-2D linking during flood events, modelling flood risk and flood hazard and implementation of Natural Flood Management.
  • Water quality and sediment transport modelling particularly faecal bacteria modelling including interaction with sediment, dynamic decay rate and monitoring approaches for both bathing water and aquaculture sites.
  • Marine renewable energy including tidal stream and tidal range schemes.


Impacts of high spring tides on saltmarsh land in north Gower and subsequent impact on shellfish beds in the Burry inletAhmadian RFood Standards Agency2000001/06/2014 - 31/05/2015
Flood hazard indices and flood inundation extent for extreme flood eventsFalconer R, Ahmadian REPSRC - Impact Acceleration Account3590601/03/2016 - 30/11/2016
Input and auditing UU regional costal modellingFalconer R, Ahmadian RUnited Utilities Group500021/03/2014 - 30/09/2014
Multiscale hydro-environmental modelling of marine renewable energy devicesFalconer R, Ahmadian R, Simpson RHPC Wales - Fuijitsu5758301/10/2012 - 30/09/2015
Audit UU Regional Coastal Model - Part B - Solway FirthFalconer RAUnited Utilities plc500001/10/2014 - 28/02/2016
QUOTIENT, quantification, optimisation and environmental impacts of marine renewable energyOdoherty D, Odoherty T, Mason-Jones A, Pan S, Stoesser T, Bockelmann-Evans B, Ahmadian A, Grosvenor R, Prickett P, Byrne CSer Cymru Bangor LCEE6100001/01/2015 - 30/06/2018
MAREN 2Bockelmann-Evans B, Falconer R, Ahmadian RINTERREG18488801/03/2013 - 31/08/2014

Supervised Students

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