Dr Jonathan Cable BSc Hons (Wales), MA (Cardiff), PhD (Cardiff)

Dr Jonathan Cable

BSc Hons (Wales), MA (Cardiff), PhD (Cardiff)

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship) and Pathways to Progression Coordinator

School of Journalism, Media and Culture

+44 (0) 29 208 70646
1.34, Bute Building

Dr Jonathan Cable has been working at JOMEC since completing his PhD at the School in July 2012.

My role at the School is as the Pathways to Progression Coordinator for Our Media, Our World. This collaboration is between the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies and the Division for Continuing Professional Development. The pathway launched in September 2014 and is designed to provide adult learners and those who have been away from formal education for a long time a way to engage and learn more about journalism, media and cultural studies. This part-time pathway to a degree has been developed to help these types of students realise their ambition to study towards a degree from the Cardiff School of Media, Journalism and Cultural Studies.

My most recent other role was as a Research Associate on the ESRC funded project 'Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: UK State-Media-Citizen Relations After the Snowden Leaks'. Exploring the nature, opportunities and challenges of digital citizenship in light of the governmental surveillance measures revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

I also work in the School as an Associate Lecturer on the BA 3rd year undergraduate modules Sport and the Media; Video Games Culture, Media and Society; and the 2nd year core module Data Journalism in Theory and Practice. Previously Jonathan has worked as a Researcher on a number of different projects in the school covering a range of different topics, more about these particular projects is included in the Research Overview.

After completing a BSc (Hons) in Business and Information Systems I worked in the insurance industry for two and a half years before joining JOMEC in 2005 to undertake a MA in Political Communication. After gaining a distinction on my MA I worked for the Welsh Assembly and Cardiff University in a professional services capacity. Then in 2007 I started my PhD in Journalism Studies, the thesis was entitled Protest in Action: An examination of the production, media representation, and reflexivity of protest group communications strategies and protest tactics.

I have also been a researcher on a number of different research projects at the School including a collaborative research project with a Cardiff based community news website, a collaborative research project with Chapter Arts Centre and web development company Tin Can Solutions, an AHRC funded research project about the public/practitioner engagement practices of academics in the arts and humanities, and a BBC Trust funded project examining BBC impartiality.

Outside of the School I have been a module lead at the University of South Wales on the BA module Researching Media, Culture and Communication, and I am a distance learning tutor for international masters students at the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester.

My first book Protest Campaigns, Media and Political Opportunities will be published by Rowman & Littlefield International in mid-September 2016. I also sit on the board of the Football Collective whose aim is to bring critical debate to football.

Education and Qualifications

  • 2007 – 2012: PhD (Journalism Studies), Cardiff University
  • 2005 – 2006: MA Political Communication (Distinction), Cardiff University

Speaking engagements

Conference and Research Papers

  • October 2015 – ‘Managing dissent: The representation and impact of undercover and mass digital surveillance on the protest practices of UK activists’. Delivered at the conference Discourses of Disorder at Newcastle University.
  • September 2015 – ‘Tangerines, Tigers and Tan: Football Stadiums as a Space for Protest’. Delivered at the conference The Sport Project: Probing the Boundaries: 4th Global Meeting at Oxford University.
  • July 2015 – ‘The Press, Snowden and Mass Surveillance’. Delivered at DATA-PSST seminar 3 on Media Agenda-Building, National Security, Trust & Forced Transparency at Brunel University.
  • June 2015 – ‘Digital Citizenship and Surveillance Society: Project Presentation – Civil society strand’. Delivered with Lina Dencik at the conference Surveillance and Citizenship at Cardiff University.
  • May 2015 – ‘In An Age of Mass Surveillance’. Delivered at the Hay Festival with Arne Hintz and Lina Dencik.
  • June 2014 – ‘From the Streets to the Stadium: Football as a space for protest’. Delivered at the conference Football and Communities of Resistance at Manchester Metropolitan University.
  • June 2013 – ‘Lights, Camera, Direct Action: The protest spectacle as media opportunity and message carrier’. Delivered at the one day symposium Protest as Events / Events as Protest at Leeds Metropolitan University.
  • Mar 2012 – ‘Press representation and the political and police reactions to protest'. Delivered at the Cardiff research network Crime Narratives in Context at Cardiff University.
  • Oct 2011 – ‘From Direct Action to Direct Advertising: The tactics used to promote protest messages’. Delivered at the Rebellious Media Conference at the Institute of Education, University of London.
  • July 2011 – ‘Protest in Action: An examination of the creation and exploitation of media and political opportunities of three different protest groups’. Delivered at the British Sociological Association event New Communications and Demonstrations, at the University of Leicester.

Jonathan is the module leader of the 3rd year Undergraduate modules Sport and the Media and Video Games Culture, Media and Society. He also delivers the modules Inside Sport and Digital Culture, Digital Lives on the Pathway to a Degree for the School of Journalism, Media and Cultural studies Our Media, Our World. He also delivers guest undergraduate lectures on topics such as protest tactics and media strategies of activists, the media coverage of protest, and political communication.

Jonathan’s current and previous research work includes:

  • State Surveillance and Media-State-Citizen Relations: The aim of the project is to explore the nature of digital citizenship following the Edward Snowden revelations which revealed mass government surveillance of ordinary citizens. The project is split into the four central themes of policy, technology, civil society, and news media. Jonathan is working on the project management and core research elements, and is designing and undertaking the primary research on the civil society and news media themes
  • Community Websites and Engagement: He conducted collaborative research with the community news website Pobl Caerdydd (Cardiff People). This involved undertaking primary research interviews with practitioners and experts, and designing and carrying out an audience survey. The aim of this work was to help community website best connect with their communities and make the most out of their online engagement.
  • Creative Business and Engagement: Jonathan engaged in a collaborative research with the Chapter Arts Centre and web developer Tin Can Solutions as part of the REACT project. This meant liaising with the external partners to ensure that the research benefits all who are involved. The goal was to develop a community online platform to bring the Chapter Arts Centre closer to their audience, and helping them to personalise their arts listings. This platform is known as Artsvaark.
  • Academia and Public/Practitioner Engagement: Jonathan has conducted research on an AHRC funded project about engaging the public, communities and practitioners with Arts and Humanities research. This project reviewed engagement activities within the Arts and Humanities schools. It led to the designing and production of a resource to be of practical use to academics to better design, deliver, and evaluate their engagement activities.
  • Media Impartiality: Performed research for the BBC Trust focusing on BBC impartiality which analysed a sample of BBC television, radio, Channel 4 news, and ITV news coverage. Jonathan contributed to the final report that has since been published by the BBC Trust.
  • Media Coverage of Protest: His PhD examined the impact of the media and protest tactics of three different protest groups, and the affect these tactics had on their ability to publicise their key messages. It used the concept of political opportunity structures to explore the external influences on protest groups which guide the relative success and failure of these protest groups to reach their aims and goals.

Research Interests

Jonathan’s research interests cover a range of different topics and include the following:

  • Digital media its uses, technologies, and effects on society
  • Digital media, surveillance and citizenship
  • Political communication and the media coverage of politics
  • Advertising and consumer culture
  • Social movements, their protest tactics and media strategies, and the media coverage of protest
  • Public relations techniques and their impact on journalism
  • Sport and society
  • Media spectacle

Jonathan's work has been published in several edited book collections and peer reviewed article. These publications centred on protest tactics and media coverage, the history of social conflict, and the use of online communications by activists.

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