Dr Matthew Lettington

Dr Matthew Lettington


School of Mathematics

Following the award of my PhD (Number Theory) in 2010, I joined Cardiff University as a Lecturer, obtaining a tenured position as an SBP Fellow in May 2012.

Administrative duties

Undergraduate Project Co-Ordinator

School of Mathematics Newsletter Editor

Honours and awards

SBP Fellowship awarded May 2012

Professional memberships

Memeber of the London Mathematical Society (LMS)

Academic positions

  • June 2006 - Aug 2010: Mathematical Consultant, JSC Management und-Technologieberatung AG, Eltville, Germany
  • Oct. 2001 - April 2010: Lecturer in Mathematics, Gloucestershire College, Cheltenham.

Speaking engagements

  • August 2008. A dynamic approach to product sales forecasting. SMiCR, Cardiff.
  • May 2013. Recent progress in Bernoulli relations, their implications for the Ramanujan polynomials and the special values of the Riemann zeta function, Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog.
  • May 2014. Higher-Dimensional Lucas and Fibonacci Sequences, Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog.
  • March 2015, On Higher Dimensional Interlacing Fibonacci Sequences, Continued Fractions and Chebyshev Polynomials (Abstract), LMS, WIMCS – Bath Analysis Day, Swansea University.
  • July 2015, On Higher Dimensional Interlacing Fibonacci Sequences, Continued Fractions and Chebyshev Polynomials (Abstract), 29th Journées Arithmétiques JA 2015, Debrecen University, Hungary.
  • Friday, September 4 2015, 3.00pm, Chauvenet Hall, Room 143,  Invited Talk, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium, Colorado School of Mines,  On Higher Dimensional Interlacing Fibonacci Sequences. (Abstract).
  • May 2016. On Block Representations and Spectral Properties of Semimagic Square Matrices, Wales Mathematics Colloquium, Gregynog.
  • October 14 2016,  Modern Aspects of Analysis and Scientific Computing (A joint Cardiff University — KU Leuven meeting), Plenary talk entitled On polynomial expressions for higher-dimensional Fibonacci sequences, Faulhaber sums, and some theorems of Fermat.
  • January 24 2017, Television interview with BBC Wales Today and Radio interview live on Good Morning Wales regarding the ground-breaking story screened by BBCs The One Show, and appearing on the front page of The Times newspaper, entitled “It Doesn’t Add Up.
  • March 21 2017, Tinted Lens – Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Invited Talk entitled Concrete Mathematics in relation to the Theodore Melfi film The Hidden Figures.
  • July 3 2017, On Binomial Polynomials Mimicking Riemann's Zeta Function, 30th Journées Arithmétiques JA 2017, Caen University, France.

ESGI 80 Collaboration

April 2011. Loading on the electricity grid from distributed energy storage systems.

Seminar talks

February 2014. On rational convergents to the cosine of rational multiples of Pi, Analysis Seminar Programme, Cardiff.

March 2012. Recent progress in the distribution of lattice points near to convex surfaces and polytopes. Analysis Seminar Programme, Cardiff

Educational and media outreach

  • In 2015 I advised and participated in an episode for the Discovery channel series entitled Man V Expert, featuring the celebrity Alexis Conran, and the Oxford Number Theorist Professor Minhyong Kim.
  • In late 2016 I put together a team of PhD students and staff from Cardiff School of Mathematics to investigate errors in GCSE Maths Book on behalf of the BBCs The One Show. The results made the front page of The Times Newspaper and were screened on the BBCs The One Show on January 24 2017. They story was also covered in many other national newspapers including  The Herald, The Independent, The Daily Mirror and The Daily Express. On the same day I appeared on both Television (BBC Wales Today) and Radio (Good Morning Wales) to discuss our findings.

Committees and reviewing

Year Three Tutor

  • MA4011 Analytic Number Theory
  • MA0216 Elementary Number Theory II
  • MA3004 Combinatorics

Research interests:

  • Combinatorial and number theoretic properties of matrices with symmetry properties under matrix multiplication.
  • Congruence properties of rational sequences.
  • Integer points close to convex hypersurfaces and polytopes.
  • Identities for the Zeta function at integer values.