Rich Gorman

Rich Gorman

Research student

Rich Gorman is a geographer with particular interests in health, care, and medicine, and how these intersect with human-animal relations and more-than-human worlds.

Rich completed his PhD at Cardiff University's School of Geography and Planning in 2017. Rich's thesis was entitled 'Health, Place, and Animals: The Co-Production of Therapeutic Geographies and Community Supported Agriculture Farms' and  involved exploring the dynamic interrelations between health and place, particularly, the roles of animals within various caring and health-promoting practices, seeking to understand how human-animal relations can affect people’s and animals' capacities to thrive and flourish. Rich's PhD was supervised by Dr. Chris Bear and Dr. Geoff DeVerteuil, and funded by an ESRC Studentship and Cardiff University President's Scholarship.

Rich is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, part of The Animal Research Nexus: Changing Constitutions of Science, Health and Welfare project. Rich's current work is exploring the changing ways in which patients and patient groups interact and encounter animal research. The changing interfaces between patients and animal research raises many questions, and Rich’s research aims to explore some of the practical and ethical issues that emerge, as well as developing discussion and guidance to enable future practices to facilitate meaningful patient engagements with animal research.

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