Role of PgCUTL Mentors

Role of Mentors -Video

The role of PgCUTL Mentors

PgCUTL relies on the use of School / Directorate mentors for participant support on a day-to-day basis.  Mentors are experienced subject-based colleagues able to provide subject specific as well as more generic support, advice and guidance to participants during the scheme. It is a requirement of the scheme that a local mentor supports each participant.

The mentor: PgCUTL team relationship is pivotal to a collaborative approach to supporting the PgCUTL participants. The PgCUTL team work hard to engage mentors and offer an open-door, dialogic and face-to-face approach to working with their mentoring colleagues. Specifically mentors are asked to:

  1. Attend briefing sessions about their role in the PgCUTL programme.
  2. Support participant’s access to and critical engagement with subject-specific pedagogic literature.
  3. Support the participant’s learning, development and progress through the programme by providing guidance, advice and feedback on projects, opportunities to critique practice against the UKPSF, and support the development of the assessed portfolios.
  4. Undertake two cycles of PRLT and provide written feedback and guidance on these sessions for inclusion in the relevant module assessment submissions. Explicitly framing the PRLT ‘observation’ and discussion about the UKPSF is particularly helpful.
  5. Participate in the Group Project Presentation Event.
  6. Sign off that the aims of the mentoring process (points 2-4 above) have been achieved and offer feedback and feed-forward for ongoing development. Participants will put this (these) sheets (s) in their portfolio and discuss issues arising within that.

The Mentor is asked to devote a notional two hours per month in contact time with the scheme participant.


PgCUTL Mentors’ Frequently Asked Questions

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