Inclusive Curriculum

The PgCUTL team engage actively with CU’s Inclusive Curriculum agenda.

Cardiff University has, for some years, been proactively embedding
its policy on Inclusiveness and Diversity into the curriculum offering. It is committed to meeting its legal and moral obligations of eliminating discrimination and promoting equality on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race (including ethnic or national origin, colour or nationality), religion or belief (including lack of belief), sex and sexual orientation. The University has also published its intention to ensure that the Welsh language is treated on the same basis as English in both its dealings with the public as well as educational matters. Further information can be found on the Cardiff University Inclusive Curriculum website

Recognising the responsibility of all staff to comply with the University’s Equality and Diversity Policy the PgCUTL programme actively promotes participant engagement with the legal, socio-cultural and pedagogical issues that relate to this area of practice. Participants are supported as they incorporate different aspects of inclusivity into their teaching.
PgCUTL alumni therefore will have a nuanced understanding of the coreplace that inclusivity has within the professional values set out in the UKPSF; can articulate how these intersect with their own values as a HE practitioner; and demonstrate a positive engagement with the moral and legal demands for inclusive practice whether working with students, colleagues or the wider

The new suite of modules has been specifically designed to be inclusive with respect to both delivery and assessment with the concept of inclusion mainstreamed within the programme’s taught workshops.


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