Administrative guidance for Schools/ Divisions

The following guidance is for School/ Directorate finance administrators, for use when arranging the payment of PgCUTL programme fees:

  1. Please raise a requisition via the Oracle internal trade process selecting HRSHE PCUTL as the ‘Request Type’ (supplier). Please raise one requisition per participant.
  1. Please ensure the participant’s full name and the modules for which the payment refers are clearly detailed in the ‘Item Description’ field (e.g. ‘Jo Bloggs – PCUTL Modules 1, 2 & 3’). Without this information we are unable to match your purchase order to the participant’s records and so will contact you again to raise a requisition.

Once the requisition has been approved, the PgCUTL team will receive your purchase order.

  1. Oracle will automatically send you a reminder to ‘receipt’ the approved purchase order. Please receipt the purchase order immediately to complete the internal trade process.

For further information please contact the PgCUTL team.

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